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Check Visa validity Online & Visa Expiry date And Exit Reentry & Family visit visa Status and Much More Check here

3 Ways To Check Visa Validity Online

Visa validity is the time period between the issuance date and the expiry date. During this time period, it’s valid. It is very important to check the validity timely. There are many types like single double and multiple entries. They have different durations. After the expiry date, it is not valid. And the Person will not go to a specific country. Many new laws have been enacted in Saudi Arabia. Recently Changes have been made in Global changes and (COVID-19).

The validity of a Saudi visa is one year, if you want to stay longer, you must renew first. Saudi Arabia, Visit visa is valid for 90 days they can also be extended. Before the expires it’s very important to know his validity.

The Saudi government has come up with a number of ways to know the validity timely. It is very important for you to abide by all the new rules that have been made since the Coronavirus. There is also a new way to check the validity and its exit reentry. In addition, you will be able to find out what changes have been made to the family visit visa.

How to Check visa validity Online in Saudi Arabia?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) launched various services to find your validity of visa Detail free. Detail can be identified in three different ways. Easily know all about the validity and its other useful information in just a few minutes.


Check visa validly online with full detail


1. Through Muqeem website

2. Through Eserve Website

3. Through Absher website

Check visa validity Muqeem Service Website

The Saudi Government through Al-ElM Maintains a lot of services called Muqeem. When a person enters Saudi Arabia or leaves Saudi Arabia, the complete data is available on the website. Even Passport, Visa, Iqama, Reentry, Print everything maintain on this website.

Its online portal no need to log in check any detail. Now in Saudi Arabia the most popular way to check the detail on this website.


Muqeem website enter detail page for check visa validity


1. First visit the Official website of By Click here

2. Select English language from the top of the corner

3. In verify Using, Two option Visa Number/ Residency Number Select the visa number

4. Type Number In Number portion

5. In Matching Using Chose Anyone like passport no, name, expiry date etc. But you select Passport No

6. Next Enter Passport Number

7. Finally click on the check Green Button. All Detail will be Show and other detail


Check here All Record of Your visa


How Can I Check My Absher Visa Validity?

Absher is a Website and also a mobile application. Where Check status Just Entering simple information. It can be used for many purposes. Applying for new jobs. To update the passport info. And electronic crime etc. The total 160 type of service providers for the Saudi government


Absher login page


First, need to create an Account to check any person or your own Status for free. Now we told you to step by step with the help of you can check your validity and other personal information free.

1. Go to the official website of Absher By click here

2. Two Option / Login / Create an Account

3. If have not Any Account create first

4. If Already an Account Click on login Type Username and password

5. The next Page Will be Show Chose here Inquiries option

6. Next window Automatically open Chose Passport Options

7. After that Enter Visa No / Iqama no And Fill the Captcha Code

8. Click on Below View Detail Green Button

9. The Status All record will show


Visa validity detail show using absher


How Can I Check My Saudi Visa Status By Eserve Portal?

Eserve is an official website Checking All visa status and its validity and reentry etc. Check Your Status using Eserve Portal. Follow just simple steps very easy to Find detail. Before Creaking Your Visa Validity You have An your Visa Number and Date of Birth To Check Any type of Visa


know Visa validity using Eserve portal moi


1. First visit the official website of EServe by click here

2. On the home page two value will be show

3. In first value select visa Number or anyone and Type its value

4. And the 2nd value chose Iqama list Enter iqama expiry date

5. Below option select Nationality

6. If the Nationality option not work leave it

7. Final fill the Captcha Code

8. Below final click on Check detail

9. The Visa detail will be show


Information that you need using Eserve portal for visa validity

How to Check Exit Reentry visa online In KSA?

What is an exit reentry visa? If you are going to any other country from Saudi Arabia, it is called Exit. When you return to Saudi Arabia after finishing your engagements, it is called Reentry. The Saudi law is very strict. The validity of these types is one month or up to three months. Must return to Saudi Arabia before the Expiry date.

If anyone cannot return to Saudi Arabia due to a busy schedule.  You will not be able to return to Saudi Arabia for three years. You will be banned. If the visa expires to pay the price yourself or your Kafeel If he wants to give. First Apply online for an Exit reentry visa.


Check exit reentry visa detail

Saudi government launch different online ways to check status. One of the best methods for Saudi reentry status online free is a Muqeem Process without Absher Account.

  1. Using Muqeem Website
  2. Using Absher Account

Check with Muqem/ without Absher

  1. First go to the Official website of Muqeem Click here
  2. Default language Arabic select English language from the top of corner if want
  3. In verify Using, Two option Visa Number/ Residency Number Select the visa number
  4. Type Number In the portion
  5. In Matching Using Chose Anyone like passport number, your name, expiry date etc. select anyone
  6. Type below Passport Number if already select above passport No
  7. Finally, Click on check Green Button
  8. All Detail will become and also other detail.

 Check with Absher Account

  1. First, need to visit the official website of Absher
  2. On The Next page, two option will Show Business/ Individual
  3. Select Individual
  4. Then Enter Iqama Number
  5. Fill the Image Captcha Code
  6. Click on View Button

Check Exit-Reentry Visa through Moi Websites

1. First of All Open Official website of MOI

2. Next go to the Electronic inquires

3. Then go to the passport options

4. Click on Public query/ exit visa reentry status

5. After that enter Iqama no

6. Then Enter Sponsored ID

7. Fill the Captcha Image/ Code

8. After that enter Visa No

9. Finely Eater Passport No

10. In The last click on View Green Button

11. All  Information will Show


Exit reentry visa validity report

How Can I Extend My Exit Re-Entry visa/ Single/Multiple Entry?

If a dependent visa is expiring in your home country. Don’t cancel your Existing re-entry visa. Because the Saudi government made new law you can easily renew from the home country. Expect do not to stay for more than 7 months. And dependents do not sty more than 1 years. If you are a foreign worker then you need to obtain a letter from companies or a single person. Attached the Ministry of foreign affairs. In this regard, iqama must be a valid copy attached with the renewal application of exit/reentry.

What documents will be required to renew for Exit/reentry visa?

  1. One photo with white background
  2. Six-month valid passport with and two blank pages
  3. Fully field  application forum and with signed
  4. Your Family Registration certificate and it attested home country ministry of foreign affairs
  5. One copy of valid iqama
  6. A letter of sponsored company visa renewal and its attested ministry of foreign Affairs
  7. Login to and fill the  application online apply to enter the kingdom by individuals options
  8. And finely Submit Documents to Embassy

How to Print exit reentry visa?

If you want to print it’s very easy on a laptop and on a computer. Before print, you must have complete information on your computer screen. After that click on three dots on the corner of the computer. In the 8th position, you will see the print option-click and print your visa.

How to apply online family visit visa in KSA?

If you live in Saudi Arabia and want to invite your family include father mother wife sitter etc. Stay in the kingdom for a specified time period is called a family visit visa. It’s legal, Lot of things required to invite your family to Saudi Arabia.

Today we told Step by step complete procedure. how much time required, what type of documents required, the family visa is approved or not, and also how to check visits via status online.

Apply online for Saudi family visit visa


Step no 1 Apply for a Saudi Family Visit Visa, you must first visit the Mofa website

Step no 2 At the top of the homepage of the website you will find two types of options. The first one is Individuals while the other will be Organizations and Sectors. Click on Individuals

Step no 3 Click on Individuals. A new page will appear in which you will see four types of options. The first one is Citizen 2nd one is GCC Citizens, The 3rd is a Resident and the 4th is another. For applying click on Resident.

Step no 4 Clicking on the residents. In the first line Family visit  Application for Residents will be shown. And click on this line.

Step no 5 Now chose Any Language English/ Arabic

Step no 6 Application For Family visit to residents When it opens Five types of information points will appear. (1) Important Notes (2) Personal Data (3) Demand Data (4) Visitor Data (5) View the Application. Below all this information there will be an I Agree on the button It has to be Tick.

Step no 7 In personal Data enter your Information first type residency number means Iqama Number. Enter Iqama Date and last entry visa number. After typing these three things, Press the Next button.

Step no 8 In-Demand option Type your exit location home address and a Sponsor ID.

Step no 9 Visitor data contains information about who you are calling in Saudi Arabia and how you feel about the relationship. Write the expiry date of their passport. And for how many years you want to get a visa.

Step no 10 after writing all these things, an application will come in the form of a form. Save it and Submit also print it from Sponsor. Then chamber this paper and wait for 7 days until the visa will come out.

New Fess of this visa

In Saudi Arabia, there is no difference between single entry and multiple entries. Because the Price of both have been increased, whether it’s a single Entry or Multiple Entry. you have to pay 300 riyals.

Documents required for apply a visit visa

  1. Original Saudi iqama
  2. 1 Copy of Applicant passport
  3. A photocopy of the passport of the person who is inviting you
  4. Important point you Accept profession to apply family visa in Saudi Arabia
  5. 4 passport size photo
  6. After that, you can apply online for a Saudi family visa from your home

How to apply online for a Saudi visa?

  1. First of All, go to the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs click here
  2. The default language is Arabic you can change into in English
  3. Mention your name on the Application form and also who invite you name also mention like kafeel or brother etc
  4. After click on individuals
  5. After that click on family visit visa application
  6. Fill the form online with carefully type all the correct information that asked you ion the form
  7. After that in below click on submit
  8. You can also print them for later information
  9. If any reasons for your Application ejected correctly them and reapply again.

How to check family visit visa status?

If you apply for a Saudi family visit visa online. The next step is to check the status means the application is approved or not.

  1. First of All Go to the official website of MOFA  click here
  2. Choose Any Language English/Arabic if want
  3. If scroll down the page you will find here a Query Option
  4. First Select here Application Submitted to MOFA
  5. After that Enter Order No or Application No. An Application is a No when you request a family visa and get a Number after submitted
  6. Enter an ID Number mean Iqama Number
  7. Fill The Captch And Press Inquiries Button
  8. status will be show with complete detail

How to Extend Family Visit visa In KSA?

If your family in Saudi Arabia and want more stay in the kingdom. For any reason, in this situation before the Expiry, you have to extend first. Now below Step by Step to extends easily online and also check its status after one day

Process to extend family visa

  1. First, visit the official website of
  2. Chose language here English
  3. After that click on individuals
  4. After that log in to your Account here if not yet create first
  5. Click on family Members service, click on services
  6. Click on extend visit visa
  7. Then click on proceed
  8. Your family information shows Click on Extend
  9. Tick the terms of services of moi then click on confirm to extend visit visa
  10. And within one day Family visit visa extend successfully

How to Check mofa family visit visa application status?

  1. For Check application status go to the website of MOFA Click here
  2. Chose the English language
  3. Scroll down click on the query option
  4. Select here option application submitted to mofa
  5. After that enter an Application no or order no. Mean when you apply for a visa and receive an application number. Its number is your Application No or order number
  6. Then enter iqama no
  7. Fill the Captcha and click on inquiries button

After that three types of information come (1 ) You are rejected ( 2) You are in under process (3)  You are approved. If unfortunately it’s not approved a red line will show you can read it. If is approved you will be redirected automatically to the next page. Where All information is given like name ID Number visa duration and etc.

How to Check Visa Expiry date in Saudi Arabia?

Know your Expiry date is very important for you. Otherwise, visa expires and pay a lot of fines. If you do not renew you will never be able to return to Saudi Arabia. That’s why it’s important to always check the expiration date. So that you can renew before it expires. So the Saudi government has come up with a number of ways you can check the expiration date.

  1. For check Expiry date go to the website of Muqeem Click here
  2. Chose the Language English
  3. In Check Using pitons Chose here Visa No or other that you want
  4. If you Chose Number Below Enter Number
  5. Click On Cross Match By
  6. Finely Expiry Date will show On The Next Window

Saudi passport visa-free countries list

Today we discuss top countries that allow Saudi passport visa-free you can go there. And almost on our list, most countries are Islamic. All countries very beautiful and almost near Saudi Arabia.

  • UAE
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Jordan
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Malaysia
  • Georgia
  • Turkey
  • Philippines

If you have any Question About Visa Validity comments below