Dozens Of Foreigners Arrested In Saudi Arabia

Security forces in Saudi Arabia have cracked down on dozens of people involved in money laundering, as well as billions of riyals in currency notes and gold. According to Saudi media, 32 people have been arrested for sending money illegally during the first quarter of 2021.
Of these, 9 are Saudi nationals and 23 are from different countries. The crackdown was carried out by law enforcement, public prosecution, and anti-money laundering officials. Public Prosecution says various groups in Saudi Arabia are involved in money laundering and money laundering.

Against whom full action is now being taken.

Of the 32 suspects arrested, 28 have been sentenced to a total of 206 years in prison after being convicted. Some have also been fined. During the crackdown, a large amount of money used in the Hyundai business worth more than one and a half billion riyals was also seized from the possession of the criminals besides 19 kg of gold was also recovered.
These people were transferring money abroad by creating accounts in the name of fictitious trading companies. While some locals also used to facilitate remittances through their account in return for which they were given a reasonable commission. It should be noted that there are currently millions of Pakistanis living in the Gulf countries, a large number of whom send money to their families through illegal means of Hindi or hawala instead of legal means.
Which does not benefit the Pakistani economy. However, the government of Pakistan is soon developing an excellent package to encourage Pakistanis to send money legally. A new concessional package for those who send money to Pakistan legally will be introduced soon. This concessional package also includes concessions in PIA tickets, goods, concessions in customs duty on mobiles. They will have the benefit of allowing people to send through it or send through a bright digital account so that they do not use Hindi, hawala, such things.

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