How To Change The Address In The SBi Account

SBI is the most reliable bank in India. Most people like us prefer SBI bank for easy access, branch access, ATMs, and many online services. If you have an SBI account, then his guide can help you (now or in the future). The guide explains how to change the address in an SBI account with details.

For some reason, when we move to a new home, the address stored in the bank needs to be changed. Without an updated address, the bank will not be able to contact you with any bank-related documents, and do not miss out on the service provided by the bank. The latest regulation of New Chip-based ATM cards also needed to be sent to the address, but many SBI customers did not receive their new ATM card because the address is not updated on bank records. This guide is about how to change an address in an SBI account in simple steps.

Documents required to change the address in the SBi account

  • There are simple KYC scripts required to perform this function. Here is a list of accepted documents –
  • Aadhar card
  • Pan Card
  • Balance Card
  • NREGA card
  • LIC policy – specify your current address.
  • Preferred Card
  • Take a copy of the copy and sign it. The document must be addressed to a new address. Otherwise, the bank cannot verify your current address.

How to change the address in an SBI account

  • Follow these simple steps to change an address in an SBI account –
  • Initially, you need to visit your SBI branch.
  • after the visit, request a change of address form from the help desk counter.
  • Now, fill out the form with your account number, old address, and new address. Check the details are correct.
  • Sign the form with your existing signature in the SBi account. Also, don’t forget to mention the date.
  • Now enter a backup copy of your new address and sign in. See a list of documents accepted in the section above.
  • Send the document to the appropriate manager.
  • The administrator will ask you for the original document you submitted and verify its address.
  • manager and update your new address in the Bank database.
  • After a few minutes, you will receive an SMS with your registered number saying, “your address is being changed at your request.”

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How to change the address in an SBI account

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  • Here’s how to easily change an address in an SBI account.
  • How to check new address updated in SBI account
  • You can check your new updated address with SBI online bank –
  • How to change the address in an SBI account
  • Sign in to your account using the bank’s online user password and password.
  • Go to the account statement and select the account number.
  • Now select a statement time and click continue.

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