How To Get Small Andhra Bank Statement Online

Andhra Bank has the largest user base in India. Andhra Bank provides online services to its customers so that they can easily access their account. One of these resources is the Andhra Bank Mini online statement. In this post, I explained how to get Andhra’s small bank statement online quickly on your phone or computer.[Recommended: How To Use SBI Debit Card? How To Create An SBI ATM PIN?

Requirements for obtaining a small Andhra bank statement

  • Bank number registered with the Bank
  • Working with an Internet Banking Internet connection and a mobile banking app.

How to get a small Andhra bank statement online

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  • There are three safe ways to get Andhra’s small bank statement on your phone
  • Lost Phone
  • Using Mobile Banking
  • You are using Internet Banking
  • We will see each method in detail

Get Andhra’s small bank statement on a missed call

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  • Find a registered mobile number and dial the following number
  • Minor bank statement Andhra missed phone number – 18004251515
  • Now, make a call and wait for the call to end automatically.
  • After a few minutes, you will receive an SMS from the bank with a small statement of your account.
  • Open SMS to view small statements and the available balance of your account.

Using Mobile Banking

  • Download and install Andhra Bank mobile banking app on your phone. – AB TEJ
  • Sign in with your user id and password.
  • From the big screen, you can now see the account number and available balance.
  • Tap on the account number, and you can now see the last ten transactions for your account, which is a small statement.
  • You can also get a full statement when your account comes from this app.

Using Internet Banking

  • Open the Andhra Bank banking web page in your phone/computer browser.
  • Sign in with your user id and password
  • From the main dashboard page, click on the Account option from the horizontal menu.
  • Click on the account number you want.
  • You can now see a small statement on your screen.

How to get a small Andhra Bank statement offline

  • If you do not have the internet on your smartphone, you can try the 99 # NUUP app that does not require an internet connection.
  • You can make a balance check, small statement, wallet transfer, and much more using this service.
  • Read this guide to sign up for * 99 #

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