Hundreds Of Thousands Of Indian Migrants Were Denied Residency In Kuwait

A major ban imposed by the Kuwaiti government has resulted in the expulsion of millions of Indians living in Kuwait. Egyptians and Sri Lankans are also affected. According to Al Arabiya News, more than 200,000 Kuwaiti migrant workers lost their homes last year due to non-return from abroad.
All of these immigrants were unable to return to Kuwait from abroad because of restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and authorities have canceled their residency or visas due to expiration. According to the Kuwaiti daily Al-Qabas, the affected immigrants come from 20 different countries, but Egypt, Sri Lanka, and India are the worst affected.

The Kuwaiti government suspended its decision last year after an outbreak of the coronavirus, saying that if an immigrant stays abroad for six months, his residence permit will be automatically refunded. The decision reassures immigrants or residents working in Kuwait that their visas are valid and safe if they live abroad due to the Coronavirus. This is because many immigrants have not been able to return to Kuwait due to travel restrictions imposed by various countries to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.
Although the decision is suspended, according to Kuwaiti officials, it means that anyone migrating outside of Kuwait must renew his or her residence before the end of his or her visa, and for that reason Kuwait, on the other hand, Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has given the good news that years later ten bans, Kuwaiti visas will soon be released to Pakistanis This will provide thousands of Pakistanis with job opportunities in Kuwait. The announcement will be made in the next few months.

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