Kuwait’s Airspace Is Unlikely To Open Before July

Like the rest of the world, Kuwait is a small but very rich country that fights the coronavirus. The number of corona cases in Kuwait has risen again in the past few weeks. The situation is getting worse, especially with the emergence of new viruses. That is why there are so many restrictions on the country.
In addition, air operations have been suspended. Kuwaiti officials have ruled that the country’s economic activity is likely to resume before July. Similarly, a national airport is likely to remain closed for the next few months. While vaccinations continue, unless a large number of Kuwaiti people are vaccinated, bans on various activities are unlikely to be lifted.

Corona cases returned to the country a few weeks ago. The vaccination process has been tightened to control it. A new load of vaccines will come soon. The process of importing vaccines has been postponed by the government. It is hoped that more people will be vaccinated soon. Currently, the situation is uncertain.
Flight operation cannot be restarted soon. On the other hand, the Minister of Political Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has given the good news that soon the youth of Pakistan will be able to find jobs in Kuwait. He told the media that the visa ban imposed on Pakistanis by the Kuwaiti government in 2011 would be lifted soon. After that, a large number of Pakistani youths will be able to find jobs in Kuwait.
The nation will soon hear the good news in this regard. It should be noted that the Kuwaiti government is following an important step in reducing the number of immigrants, which has a significant impact on Indian immigrants. There are currently about 1.4 million Indians living in Kuwait, about 800,000 of whom will be repatriated and thousands have already been repatriated. Kuwaiti officials say non-Indians are a burden to the Kuwaiti economy and do not contribute to the country’s development, so now it will be given people with the latest skills to replace them.

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