My Wife’s Friend Is Destroying Our House

Husbands and wives should take the advice of others in their relationship lightly and resolve any problem together. The advice of the wrong person can hurt you for the rest of your life. The remarks were made by a Saudi Arabian court judge in a case in which a woman was fined $ 50,000 for her friend’s husband.
According to Saudi media, the woman was accused of creating distance by pushing her friend to her husband. Defendant kept telling her friend that her husband was not fit for her, to divorce her and marry someone else. The situation could not be tolerated by a Saudi husband, who filed a lawsuit claiming to be his wife’s friend.

A Saudi national said he was living happily with his wife.

However, his wife had been talking to her friend for a long time, which led to marital discord. The wife’s friend often annoys her that her husband is not the right person for her, so she should ask him to divorce her as soon as possible and to settle down, otherwise, trouble will not follow. It is wrong to have this person. After that, his wife’s attitude began to change.
One day he discovered that all the corruption was caused by his friend. A Saudi official said the woman had created marital resentment by misleading her wife. She was suffering from severe depression. Therefore, they should be given 50,000 dirhams as compensation. The court ruled in favor of the citizen, found his wife’s friend guilty, and ordered him to pay $ 50,000 in damages to the complainant.
The court also reprimanded the defendant for refusing to give advice to a married woman on future marriage matters, even if her intentions were wrong. He urged women to stop accepting bad advice from their friends about married life. Some women are jealous, which is why they want to ruin other people’s homes by giving bad advice.

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