Opposition Can’t Even Wet Imran Khan’s “Hair”: Sheikh Rashid

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said even the PML-N would not resign, let alone the PPP, the opposition party could not wet the single hair of Imran Khan, I had already predicted his political death, P. it affects other parties as well. After Eid, there will be problems within the PML-N.
Speaking to the electronic media, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said now that the Awami National Party has split from the PDM and much more will happen, the ANP plans for the future, the results of the PDM collection in some will fall to the parties. After Eid, problems will arise within the PML-N.

Sheikh Rashid said no one comes or goes, they all work for the same salary, no one contacts me, those with him will know

The Minister of Home Affairs said Maryam Nawaz herself had said that if I did not come out the matter was over, the PDM was committed now and there was no life in it. He said, “I pray to Almighty God to heal Maryam Nawaz and Maulana Fazlur Rehman. Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid asked where the PDM had predicted his death in the PDM.”
He said I had already said that PMM will die its death, now there will be two parties, PML-N will have its own party and PPP will build its own party. He said this was a real problem. What they should do now, they do not have to resign, let alone the PPP, the PML-N will not resign, the PPP said they would take part in the election, they took it, they said that if we took part in the gang election and also participated in it. He had said that he would not strike if he did not. He had stated that if he did not resign, he would not resign. It’s already done.
Praying for the recovery of Maryam Nawaz and Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the Home Affairs Minister said it was certain that the politics of PML-N and PPP were divided and that the opposition party could not even wet Imran Khan’s hair. He said the prime minister had set up a 10-member political committee and today Ali Zafar would be asked to make changes to the election but whether the opposition was ready to hear such a thing, only the opposition would know. He said that after two and a half years, Imran Khan has embarked on a different political style that is ready to talk to the opposition but how ready the opposition is, it will be known in the coming days after Ramadan what he will do. Is it political and what is the result?

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