The Solution To All Problems In Pakistan Is In Real Democracy, Dr. Abdul Hai Baloch

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The solution to all the problems in Pakistan lies in a true democracy. The views were expressed by Dr. Abdul Hai Baloch, a former MNA, former President of the National Democratic Party, during a media briefing during a visit to Zhob. He said at the moment Pakistan was surrounded by serious problems. Inflation has prevented people from living.

As long as people are not given the right to rule, people will continue to suffer. There will be open elections and people will feel taken away by the government. I fully support the stay of the staff in Quetta. Managers will have to reduce unnecessary costs. Only then will the budget be allocated to the well-being of the people and steps taken for human development and prosperity. I fully support living in Beoga Balochistan. Employee needs must be met in all circumstances.

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