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If you have applied for a US visa and completed all the items and documents. The last thing you need to do is pay. And in today’s article, we are going to give you a complete guide. On how you can pay fees for a united State visa at home while you are in Saudi Arabia. Recommended:How To Get Corporation Bank Balance Check Online

How to pay our visa fee online through Samba bank in Saudi Arabia?

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While living in Saudi Arabia, you can pay your visa fee at any branch of Samba Bank. You Can also pay online fees. first, you have a samba Account Then easily pay your visa fees online for a simple step.

  1. First login To Your samba Account by click here
  2. After that on the home page select online payment options
  3. Pay your fees and save the receipt. Then you will need the order number on the transaction receipt. But previously to schedule your appointment online system on the next business day after 11 am.
  4. Your visa fees are not refunded. Make sure it clear everything is correct then pay your fees.

Very important instruction to pay fees for us visa

Previously we told you to pay your visa fees any time and at any branch of samba bank. (NIV) visa fees you pay in-hand cash. Check or other receipts cannot accept. But for the access payment option first, you need to create An Account and after login, you can do everything.

  1. First of all, you need to go online applicant system website by click here
  2. Create your profile here free
  3. If you have an already Applicant system Account then your login
  4. That’s all mean the proper Amount is paid timely
  5. Visa fees value show in dollar but you can pay with Saudi rials.
  6. Then click on Schedule my appointment options on the left-hand side option on your laptop or mobile screen
  7. Click on the payment option and select your payment options
  8. When once you pay your fees you can schedule your interview 48 hours from the payments. To complete this procedure you need to log in to your profile and complete the appointment step.

For more information visit the official website by click here

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